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Moulin Rouge Paris
Moulin Rouge tickets sell out every night. Book in advance.

The Moulin Rouge is now a a massive tourist institution enhanced by the global reach of films about the Moulin Rouge. It is located north of the city centre below Montmartre by Blanche Metro on line 2.

During the day time the area is a quite seedy red light area, but after dark the area comes alive helped by the lights of the Moulin Rouge itself.

The Moulin Rouge opened in 1889 and is best known as the spiritual birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. The can-can dance revue evolved into a form of entertainment of its own and led to the introduction of cabarets across Europe.

Moulin Rouge

In the early days it was common for them to lift their skirts and reveal their legs, underwear and occasionally the genitals, and as time progressed can-cans seen at the Moulin Rouge became increasingly vulgar and overtly erotic, causing much public outrage.

The modern can-can was born as music-hall became popular as dancers (many of them failed ballet dancers with exceptional skill) were introduced to entertain the guests. The Moulin Rouge became fashionable for French society to visit and see the spectacular cabarets, which have included a can-can and semi-nude dancing ever since.

The dance is recognisable for the long skirts with heavily frilled undergarments that the dancers wear, high kicks, hops in a circle while holding the other leg in the air, splits, cartwheels and other acrobatic tricks, normally accompanied by squeals and shrieks.

Moulin Rouge performances today

Moulin Rouge Paris Can Can dancers
Moulin Rouge dancers

The near 2 hour shows at the Moulin Rouge last many years with just the occasional fine tweak.

The show is made up of about 80-100 performers recruited from all over the world with about 60 of them being the 'Doriss Girls', showgirls extravagantly dressed.

There are two evening shows every day of the week at 9pm and 11pm.

For the 9pm performance you can have dinner with champagne starting at 7pm leading into the show.

The food is quite good with several menus, including a vegetarian option, but the cost of the meal is around the same price as the show ticket, which isn't cheap.

There are also some matinee performances early afternoon, but not daily like the main evening shows.

Moulin Rouge tickets

Moulin Rouge Paris sells out every night. By pre-booking tickets you'll lock in the price, secure seats and get the most out of your precious vacation time in Paris.

Elegant attire is required (tie and jacket not necessary) no shorts, no short-pants, no sport shoes or sportswear.

Moulin Rouge show tickets only

You can buy tickets in many combinations for both 9pm and 11pm shows that may include a choice of three-course dinner menu or champagne at your table when viewing the show or both. There are also special shows for times like Christmas and New Year.

Moulin Rouge tours, tickets and transfers

The Moulin Rouge is near Montmartre to the north of the city centre, opposite Blanche Metro station on line 2 in quite a seedy district.

There is a wide variety of value added packages available ranging from a simple combination of show tickets with transfers to combining a Moulin Rouge show with other sightseeing, river cruises being very popular.

Moulin Rouge tickets

Paris Moulin Rouge


Moulin Rouge tours

Choice of tours and Moulin Rouge experiences

• Champagne dinner and show • VIP • Transfers • With Versailles • Show and River Seine cruises and more!

Moulin Rouge show + River Seine cruise

Moulin Rouge and River Seine Cruise
Moulin Rouge Cancan

This combined offering includes entry into one of the infamous evening Moulin Rouge cabaret shows plus touring Paris via the River Seine.

The Moulin Rouge is world famous and a very popular attraction featuring the iconic French Cancan. As performers shimmer in 1000's of fabulous costumes you are enveloped in music and frivolity to enliven the soul.

As part of your entry you will receive a glass of champagne and you'll need to follow the dress code by dressing elegantly (no sports shoes or jeans). You can choose the 9pm or 11pm cabaret show.

The following day you make your way to the pick up point (Place de Sydney 75015 Paris) and board an air-conditioned coach which will take you into the heart of Paris. From here you can enjoy a 1-hr river cruise along the Seine. Your voucher for the cruise is valid for 6-months should you decide you'd prefer to use it at a later date.

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Guided tour tickets
Enjoy the fabulous Moulin Rouge show then experience Paris from the river on a beautiful 1-hr river cruise.
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