Charles de Gaulle (CDG) train transfer to Paris guide

RER train from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to city

RER train at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport offers rapid Paris transfer option
Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1 is easy to navigate

The Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to central Paris train offers the fastest and most reliable transfer option by public transport into the heart of Paris.

The RER trains to Paris have two separate stations. Terminal 2 station is the end of the line where the TGV station is located.

If you arrive at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) terminal 3, you have to walk by covered walkway to terminal 1 or there is a free shuttle train from terminal 3 to terminal 1 which is no faster than walking.

Trains are Line B of the Paris RER system and run at least every 15 minutes. They alternate between fast and slow trains. All trains stop at the key stations in central Paris. The slow trains stop at about 6 or 7 additional stations in the suburbs.

Key stations

The key stations for visitors are Gare du Nord, Chatelet-Les Halles, and St Michel. Each of these stations are vast transport interchanges and self-contained communities in their own right. You will have to walk reasonably long distances, even if you are just interchanging to a Metro from the same station.

Frequencies and timetables

Trains run every 15 minutes daily on Line B. They run from about 5am until midnight. There is surprisingly little difference in frequency.

Journey time will be about 25 minutes to Gare du Nord and 35 minutes to St Michel on the fast trains, while the slower trains can take nearer 50 minutes.

When going to the airport make sure the train is going there as the line divides before the airport and about half the trains go to Mitry - a long way from the airport.

Paris RER tickets and fares 2024

Paris transfers from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport
CDG transfers to central Paris

Adult fare €11.80 walk-up price/€13.50 online with additional booking fee.

Child 4-9 €8.80 walk-up/€9.10 online.


CDG Airport is in zone 5 of the Paris public transport system. There are a number of Paris public transport passes (see below).

To access the RER system you will need a ticket. Whatever ticket you have, (including travel passes) you insert it into an automatic barrier which allows you through.

You can buy tickets at Metro and RER railway station ticket offices which have manned ticket offices.

The offices at Charles de Gaulle Airport have helpful, English-speaking attendants used to overseas travellers and who are remarkably patient.

You will also find multilingual ticket machines like the one pictured, and machines for topping up the Navigo Cards everywhere.

Buying single tickets for RER trains

If you buy a ticket for a single journey the cost will depend upon which zones your originating and destination stations are located in.

You can find this out easily enough by looking at the RER map, (see link above).

If both stations are in zones 1 and 2 then the fare will be the same as the Paris Metro fare. See our Paris Metro page for current fares.

If you are travelling around Paris it's worth studying the various travel passes available that cover all of the trains and buses in the Paris area.

Public transport passes

There is a wide range of passes and tickets available other than for a single journey.

We have a dedicated page for these so you can identify the right public transport for your needs in Paris.

Paris public transport tickets and pass details

RER ticket purchasing - in Paris or before you travel?

Typical Paris self-service public transport ticket machine
Ticket machine for RER train tickets from CDG Airport

Buying tickets in Paris

Once in Paris it is easy to buy tickets from manned ticket offices and automatic ticket machines. There are several variants of ticket machines, most have a choice of languages including English of course.

The ticket machines are reliable and sell a range of transport tickets, but few people will be buying the single T+ tickets.

We would recommend you take a few minutes to read the other ticket types available as they well be more economical and convenient than single tickets.

Buying tickets in advance

If you are stressed about buying tickets in a strange city and worrying what happens if the person behind the ticket counter doesn't speak English or if you have problems with a ticket machine, the extra price premium of having the tickets sent to you before travelling to Paris may be worthwhile.

Again there is a range of tickets available, most tailored to meet the needs of short-term visitors and tourists. There are also many passes and combo tickets that combine public transport tickets with the best tourist attractions.

Paris public transport passes and offer details


Indicative one way adult fare between central Paris and Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport

Transfer Price
RER Train (Chatelet/Gare du Nord) * €11.80
€13.50 online**
Roissybus (Opera) * €17.90
€18.40 online**
350/351 public bus * From €2.15
Hotel shuttle van From €43
Private car From €70 per vehicle

* Paris public transport passes valid for zones 1-5 accepted.
** Additional booking fee applies when purchased online.

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